(Q)(Ref:MA4)29/8/99 I am looking for a source of micro mosaic tiles. I have investigated the source mentioned in Ref:44 but am looking for tiny (1/8" or smaller) square tiles. Thank you in advance, Doug Brusa

(A) Have you consider that the necessary grout lines may overwhelm tiles as small as you intend to use? Perhaps you can "capture" a portion of your design, and then use slightly larger tiles. One of my college art instructors taught that good art always extends off at least three sides of the canvas. Art that fails to do this looks trapped within the confines of the work. The smallest tiles (called Tiny Tiles) I have been able to locate, after much searching, are 1cm (3/8-inch) and can be found at: http://www.mosaic-witsend.com Although, I do recognize the inadvisability of working with too small of tiles. I am currently working on making my own 5/32-inch colored cement tiles. Cat in SC




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