(Q)(Ref:BO7) 03/06/01 I'm trying to get hold of a book called "The Mosaic book" ideas,projects and techniques, by Peggy Vance, Celia Goodrick-Clarke. I'm in Queensland Aust. and can't find it at any of our book shops. I would be very grateful if anyone knows where I could get a copy within Australia.

(A) One of the best places to order books from is Amazon.com or try one of our contributors, Chris Blanchard of Buckland Books,Holly Tree House, 18 Woodlands Road, LITTLEHAMPTON, West Sussex, BN17 5PP, England Tel/fax: +44 (0) 1903 717 648 E-mail: cblanchett@lineone.net

(Q)(Ref:BO6) 01/02/01 I want to know the meaning about one mosaic: Emperor Justinian and Courtiers. c.547 , San Vitale, Ravenna.

(A) I'm not quite sure if this is what you are talking about, but in San Vitale there is a 'Justinian Panel' ...quoting from the book "Ravenna and It's History" by Edizioni Salbaroli, "Opposite, on the left, we have the scene of the emperor's gift; the scenic technique is similar but the composition is much more complex. First of all, it is a crowded scene with no definite focal point because the centre of the painting is taken up by two equally prominent figures: the Emperor and Bishop Maximian. Justinian advances from the left, carrying a large, guilded paten, and is followed by two patricians wearing white tunics with purple tabellae and by the Imperial Guard armed with shields and lances. The Bishop advances towards the centre from the right, wearing the papal pallium (or casula): he carries a cross and is preceded by two priests. The portrait style of this picture is rather striking -- particularly the expressions of Maximian and the patrician next to him - the subjects were obviously very much alive in the artist's mind. The portraits of the emperor and empress seem rather pale and expressionless, and are probably copies of the imperial portraits exhibited in Ravenna after the conquest in 540 A.D."

(Although to me, Maximian appears to be followed by 2 priests.) Best Regards, Sheri




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