(Q)(Ref:SU17) 26/07/00 I am trying to locate a source for the plastic mesh or sticky paper that you find on the back of small tiles in the tile stores. I need something to which I can affix a design, face up so that a client can see it, strong enough to hold the pieces together for installation by a tile setter with whom I will have no contact. and suitable for installation in swimming pools. Any information would be helpful.

(A)The mesh you are looking for is made by MAPEI. It is product PRP315 and comes in a 12" x 50 yd roll for around $32 - $35. It also comes in a 3.125' x 328' roll but I don't know the price. Contact MAPEI at either the website MAPEI.com or 1-800-42-MAPEI and ask them where the closest retailer is to you that carries it. Here in the Northwest USA, Daltile and Uniq Tile carry MAPEI products. Good luck and happy mosaicing! Arteest in Seattle

(Q)(Ref:SU7) 05/01/00 Hello. Does anyone know of a source for small ceramic or porceline roses/flowers to use in my Picassiette work?

(A) It's a little work but you can find pieces at yard sales, antique malls, estate sales, etc. of flower clusters, etc. and cut them apart with you tile nippers. I've found them for a dollar or two with several flowers on each.

(A) I too have been looking for a source for porcelain flowers, until then, I find myself scouring flea markets and auctions...It's fun, but time consuming and I usually get sidetracked!!! My best finds are little porcelain pots with 5-6 flowers inside...I crack the pot with a hammer and each flower loosens complete with a green stem...The only problem is that sometimes they're a bit too pricey, they're quite collectible so I try to find ones that are already damaged...

(Q)(Ref:SU1) 27/5/99 Hello I am looking for a supplier of "non" glazed ceramic tiles. Does any one know of one is the US?

(A) Non-glazed ceramic tiles are available from Daltile at www.daltile.com. On the home page, you have two choices for two different selections of these type of tiles: 1) Select American Olean Tile (ww.aotile.com); select Commercial products and then choose 'Unglazed Ceramic Procelain Mosaics' or 2) Select Daltile, then select Products, then Mosaic tile, then 'Keystones'. These tiles are perfect for any mosaic work, cut easily with nippers, and come in a wide variety of colors! 'Arteest in Seattle'




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