Pamela Irving
Pamela's website shows her work in collaboration with schools and colleges. She also has links to workshops held at Kew Ceramics.

Paul Siggins
Paul Siggins is an established British mosaicist with over 20 years experience. He has a considerable portfolio of works - decorative, sculptural and eclectic ranges – including sizeable public commissions for Southend, Rochford, Castlepoint and Horsham Council(s).

Founder of The Mosaic Studio, Paul has exhibited in France and the UK and is author of ‘The Mosaic Sourcebook’. He offers a range of workshops for individuals, schools, colleges and community groups.

Paul Zanotti Mosaic Art
I am a Scot of Italian extraction and have been active in mosaic since 1991, when I commenced study for the professional diploma in Mosaic Design and Production at the Albe Steiner Institute, Ravenna, Italy.

I have been privileged to have been instructed by, and have collaborated with, some of the more prestigious names of the Ravenna mosaic school: master mosaicists such as Santo Sparta; Sergio Cicognani and, in 1992, was so fortunate to have completed an internship at the studio of Renato Signorini, the patriarch of the modern Ravenna school. My qualification was attained after three years' full time instruction. On graduation I joined the Cooperativa Mosaicisti Studio Ravenna as a mosaic artist until 2008. Here I produced large-scale public art projects for both domestic and foreign markets.

I now work independently in Glasgow with occasional stints in Ravenna to teach mosaic and to carry out other short contract work. My work has allowed me to travel extensively in Europe and, more recently, in the United States.

If I have a mission, it is to maintain as far as possible the traditional aspects of mosaic art as it has been taught to me, ensuring technical and artistic innovation elevates the craft, but never denigrates its ancient principles.

In addition to commissioned pictorial translation for which I was trained, I have my own artistic direction. It is more embracing of conceptual, as opposed to representational work, and draws much inspiration from postmodernism. Although currently working alone, I am actively searching for a suitable collaborator with a similar artistic background and goals, with particular interest in the North American market.

Pelagia Angelopoulou
Born in Athens , Greece , Pelagia ( Pelly ) Angelopoulou, grew up in an artistic and military family, studied painting, history of art and mosaics at the University Of Fine Arts Of Athens , with Professors, N. Nikolaou, I. Moralis, P. Prevelakis, and I. Kolefas …………..

Penny Kinsky
Modern mosaic in this millennium
Inspired by her previous work - paintings, work on paper and photoworks - Penny Kinsky recently made
these series of mosaics inspired by nature. Starting-point is that every mosaic links together the concepts
of nature, conservation and preservation of cultural properties. All designs are executed in maximum
12 different colors. "It is challenging to create a radiant design with 'only' a few colors and 'just' square
tiles but powerful it is!"

Phoenician Arts
Phoenician Arts is the leading company in the world in creating micro mosaic art tiles.

Located in Beirut-Lebanon, our work shop retains the most talented artists in the mosaic industry.

All of our mosaics are fully hand made using 100% natural marble after each marble piece is hand cut to small size ranging from 1 tenth of an inch to a quarter of an inch.
We stock over 20 pannels of old world mosaics in our USA location that are fabricated in the country of LEBANON. We also custom fabricate virtually any designe specified by the customer and ship products globally via air freight. ALL OUR MOSAICS ARE MADE ONLY OUT OF NATURAL SONE ( LIMESTONE, MARBLE, TRAVERTINE, SLATE....)

Piece by Peace
Welcome to Piece by Peace! Hand made Mosaic artworks for you. All artworks are made of Italian vitreous glass tiles & are mounted on plywood. The glass tiles are both opague and semi-translucent, so they pick up and reflect light beautifully. Each piece includes a wire hanger on the back and can easily hang on the wall like a painting.

Pippa Murray Mosaics
The studio is based in Sausalito, near San Francisco, California. They make mainly large-scale mosaics in stone, ceramic and glass.

Public Art Squad
Public Art Squad is in its 25th year of operation - a company that has completed some of Australia’s most memorable large-scale community and commercial public art commissions. Colossal murals, sculptures and marble terrazzos’ make up its design portfolio.





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