Galust (Nick Orduyan) was born in the Caucasus.He is well known in the art world both in the former USSR and outside, as a designer, book illustrator, and avant garde artist. His work covers all history of mosaic art, from the ancient to the present.

Welcome to MosaicItalia the website of Bruno Zenobio, master mosaic artist. Mosaici (pronounced moe-zah-ee-chee) is the Italian word for mosaics. Mr. Zenobio lives in the region of Abruzzi in central Italy. Most of his mosaics are installed permanently in churches and public places in this beautiful region.
Connie Sheerin, Author of "Mosaics In An Afternoon" and "Backyard Mosaics", welcomes you to the Mosaic Mania Mall!! We offer all the items needed to begin and continue the hobby of making mosaics! Some are hard to find and others are easier to find, but all are priced right and ready to ship right to your front door!
Always interested in tiles and mosaics, Minerva Smith and Steve Baer often put their desire to create mosaics on hold, due to a lack of readily available raw materials on the West Coast. After searching extensively "to no avail" for suppliers who could deliver quality tile with consistency, variety and reasonable prices, Steve and Minerva decided to start their own mosaic company. Mosaic Tile Supply now offers classes, supplies, and a unique assortment ranging from vintage Italian glass tile, china and pottery tesserae, tumbled marble, fossils, natural river stones, stained glass and smalti. Your satisfaction, choice of color, availability and quality of tile, at prices offered no lower on the West Coast, are the primary concerns of Mosaic Tile Supply.

Motoring Mosaics
Motoring Mosaics offer unique art in the form of hand crafted mosaic wall plaques. Grace your home, garage or office with the marque of your passion.

MozaicDesigns:- Deborah Wight
Memoryware, glass beads, Sculptures, gallery. All available at this site. Deborah can create wonderful pieces of mosaic from items discarded by others. Want an unusual present for some one look at the site. 04/02

The website of Monique Boncz based in Amsterdam. It has a gallery of her works and a short biography about her self.

Mudhouse Studio
Chicago sculptor and visual artist, Karen Ami, began Mudhouse Studio in 1987. Mudhouse started as a clay studio and quickly became a popular place for classes, workshops and artists looking for a studio space. Over the years, as the shard pile grew, Mudhouse evolved into a clay and mosaic studio. In 2000, Mudhouse experienced major renovations (the building is over 117 years old). Karen now uses the locale for workshops and her own work space.

Mural Studio - David Jack & Joe Attard
David and Joe met at Harold Freedman's studio and assisted him for over 15 years on all of his major projects, including "The Legend of Fire" on the Fire Brigade Building, "The History of Transport", Spencer Street Railway Station and Rosati Restaurant, all situated in Melbourne, Victoria. Between them David and Joe have over 30 years of accumulated experience in mural production. In 1980 David was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to study murals in Europe and U.S.A. Joe holds a Degree in Fine Art from R.M.I.T.

Nils Grossien
Contemporary art capture in glass. Nils takes modern images and captures them using classic glass mosaics. His site contains a biography, news, and samples of his work





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