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NEW - Andamento 2016


Andamento - the exciting annual journal looking at contemporary mosaics; published by the British Association for Modern Mosaic.

This full-colour mosaic magazine aims to fill the gap in critical review and in-depth writing on mosaic from the 19th century to the present day.

Feature articles in the 2016 issue:-

On her own account - Gertrude Martin: Master Mosaicist - by Patrick Rogers

Collectors and Collections - Italian Micromosaics in the State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg - by Ekaterina Yakovleva

Victorian Visionary of True Genius - The Mosaics of William Burges - by Robert Field

Andamento: The First Ten Years - Themes, Trends and Variants - by Ilona Jesnick

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Issues 2-9 are also available




It all began back in 2001, when BAMM member Dr. Pat Witts wrote to Tate Director Sir Nicholas Serota asking if Tate Modern would feature modern mosaic in its collections.

He replied, “There is an agreement with the Trustees of the Victoria & Albert Museum, as the national collection of Art and Design, that they will concentrate on the decorative arts, leaving the graphic arts of the twentieth century to us.”

The idea that mosaic is always “decorative” as opposed to “graphic” is tendentious, of course, not to say silly. Accordingly in 2012 your editor asked Tate Modern if there had been any change...

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Just in case you don't know, there are four mosaic associations you should consider joining. All are useful for contacts, exhibitions and news letters.

BAMM: British Association for Modern Mosaics

SAMA: Society of American Mosaic Artists

MAANZ: Mosaic Association of Australia and New Zealand

DOMO: German Organization for Mosaic Art

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The Man Who Came After Hyacinth Bobo


This is a novel about the Fourth Crusade, the one which ended up sacking Constantinople, the greatest city in Christendom. And why, you ask, does it feature on the Home page of Mosaic Matters? Two excellent reasons - the author is your Editor, Paul Bentley, and of course mosaic pops up now and then - there is even a description of how the Byzantines made their wall mosaics. More...









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