The Man Who Came After Hyacinth Bobo

a novel of the Fourth Crusade

by Paul Bentley


The Man Who Came After Hyacinth Bobo is a real page-turner, a splendid historical novel in every respect…George Leonardos

A superbly written historical novel… One of the most interesting books of the genre, with a quick and expertly weaved plot…Alexios Savvides

The title of the novel comes from the central character, young Pope Innocent III, who launches the Fourth Crusade hoping to drive the Saracens out of the Holy Land for ever, thus triumphantly trumping his despised predecessor Pope Celestine, born Hyacinth Bobo. Alas, Pope Innocent sees his beloved crusade go horribly wrong.

The blockbuster story starts in 1195, ends in 1211 and ranges over France, Italy, Germany, Greece and Turkey, with a feisty English courtesan, two Grail poets and a passionate central love affair for good measure. The plot twists and turns and the climax is the horrific sack of Constantinople, the greatest city in Christendom, by the Pope’s crusaders. It was a crime the Greeks have neither forgotten nor forgiven, as Pope John Paul II experienced when visiting Athens in 2001.

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The Man Who Came After Hyacinth Bobo is available as a paperback and on Amazon Kindle.

The novel was first published in 2004 by Enalios, in Greek, with the title Ο άνθρωπος που διαδέχθηκε τον Υάκινθο Βωβό.



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