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Hiserote Micromosaic
Mosaics are often classified by the method used to produce them, in this case "micro"-mosaic, hence what we now call micromosaic a term coined by Sir Arthur Gilbert . Micromosaics are mosaics made of very tiny tiles called smalti filati. Works of art were often produced with smalti filati so small that 1,400 of the tiny tiles fit in each square inch. Micromosaic was at the peak of its production in Rome in the nineteenth century.....

Il Gruppo Mosaici Romani SPQR
Il Gruppo Mosaici Romani SPQR was founded by Aldo Anzaldi e Maurizio Pennacchia. We are researchers of the AREA Archaeological Group which is working in the southern Etruria territory. The passion for archaelogy has allowed us to discover another passion, that for the Roman art, for the Hellenistic Roman mosaic in particular. We have established a very precise period in the mosaic hystory, the Imperial period, where we find the greatest magnificence of the Roman mosaic, especially since it coincides with the wide urban expansion and the construction of huge buildings.

Inspired Mosaics
Inspired Mosaics provides excellent mosaic art from a nationally recognised mosaicist, Liz de Ath, for public spaces, gardens, balconies, wet rooms and kitchens as well as bigger pieces for commercial settings like cafes and entertainment centres. Mosaic-making courses also run throughout the year at the Brighton & Hove mews workshop.

Ionia Stone
Ionia Stone Company started business in 1995. The factory processes the rich marble and travertine resources of Turkey by modern machinery and presents a wide range of high quality products to both domestic and world markets.

Mosaic line produces mosaic tiles with sizes ranging from 1x1 to 7.4 x 7.4 also tumbled and chiselled-edge productions up to 60x 60. The annual production capacity of this line is also 150.000 m2.

Jerusalem on the Madaba Map
A detail from the famous map in Jordan

Joe Letchford
BAMM member Jo Letchford lives and works in Canterbury, UK. She runs courses, gives talks and undertakes commissions,

John Bridge Services
The site is loaded with articles on construction, remodeling, ceramic tile and home maintenance, for example. You'll find useful tips and helpful advice on a variety of homeowner concerns (including tile and marble), as well as links to other related sites.

Tile and marble veterans from around the country and around the world (U.S., Canada, Australia, U.K.) are gathered here to answer your questions at our free advice forum. Tip: Using keywords like "beer," "brewskies," etc. will draw their immediate attention.

Jonathan Hunter Mosaic Design
An exciting range of mosaic and styles to suit all interior design needs, whether it be residential or corporate, there is a mosaic for any situation.

For the office foyer, a table perhaps, or the facia on a bar area. To enrich kitchens, bathrooms or the entrance hall of a home. A mirror over the fireplace, or the fireplace itself. Retro or modern, the possibilities are endless.

Jonathan Mandell Mosaics
Born in Philadelphia in 1962, Jonathan Mandell is now one of the nation's leading mosaic artists. He began his pursuit in the fine arts during his senior year at Northwestern University, where he was enrolled in a general sculpture class. The fundamental concepts of sculpture, stone carving, and clay modeling interested him. He was influenced by the art of mosaic while he was at the University of Pennsylvania.





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