Michael Rapanakis
Michael is a multi-talented Greek artist living in London. He works with stone, wood, metal, glass and assemblages of technological objects.

Monia Attia lives in the Netherlands. Her website offers workshops and some products for sale. There is a short piece about the history of mosaics.

Mosaic 2000
"You can now download a demo version"
Mosaic 2000 is PC software for making a mosaic from an image. A catalogue of mosaics is presented, and the process of building a mosaic is described.

Mosaic Art Association of Canada
The mission of the Mosaic Art Association of Canada is to promote mosaic art and artists in Canada by enhancing public awareness of mosaic art and by cultivating a supportive network of mosaic artists and enthusiasts.

Mosaic art source blog
Excellent website run by the Austrian artist Angela Zimek - books, classes, links, and a gallery featuring mosaicists like the Israeli Nachum Gutman.

Mosaic Art Studio

Mosaic Artists.org
Created by Jake Tweer and Christina Ayer of Xina Marie. Any member of the Yahoo group mosaicartists.org can display and advertise their artwork, websites or galleries, currently for free.

Mosaic Arts
We specialize in quality hand cut decorative mosaics. We have a catalogue of pool motifs and a range of tiles. We provide an excellent service for custom designed mosaics. We accommodate both small and large commissions working with the private sector as well as designers dealing with large contracts. We are versatile and are able to work in a wide range of styles for a variety of applications. We also sell and supply a wide range of mosaic tiles.

Mosaic Atlas
This site is created by and for mosaic artists and lovers of mosaic art. We seek out mosaic art in our travels and often journey to destinations in search of mosaics.

Our hope is to build a comprehensive catalog of public mosaic art so that we all can discover new works of beauty in our neighborhood, our travel destinations, and our imaginations.

We currently have

2468 photos of mosaics
49 countries represented
388 different locations
165 contributors have made this site possible
243 links to mosaic sites from around the globe

Mosaic France
Mary Horgan & Richard Williams have 13 years experience in ceramic design as Decoware - handpainted tableware, and as Smashing Tiles Mosaic, Ireland.





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