Design Sourcebook - Mosaics

This is a beautifully illustrated book featuring unique comparisons showing how different artists treat the same subject.

It contains figurative and abstract designs inspired by nature and the human world, with contact details for all the artists featured.

Design Sourcebook:Mosaics works on a variety of levels. As a practical tool, it is a invaluable addition to the bookshelf of all mosaic artists and professionals in the field of design. It is also a beautifully produced portfolio of the very best contemporary work.

From the Author

The first ever directory of contemporary mosaic artists
The appeal of mosaic has rocketed in recent years. Mosaic is now enjoying a renaissance and mosaic artists are finding themselves once more working in close conjunction with architects and designers. Thanks to the many home style publications and popular TV programmes, the public too now realise that it is possible to commission wonderful mosaics for their own home.

But where do you start?
Who do you chose and how do get hold of the artist in question?

Design Source Book: Mosaics has the answer to these questions.

Just as one would not commission a portrait by looking up ‘portrait painter’ in the telephone directory and reaching for the phone, neither should one commission a mosaic without first looking at the artist’s portfolio. With its’ attractive design and wonderful full colour images throughout, Design Source Book: Mosaics makes a fantastic reference and source book for all lovers of the ancient art of mosaic.

What is different about Design Source Book: Mosaics however, is that the work shown is not ancient but shows the very best of modern mosaic. With over 30 artists’ work included in its pages, ‘MSB Mosaics’ serves to give a comprehensive directory of contemporary mosaic artists.

The book is arranged into subjects for ease of reference. Starting with the natural world, through abstract design and finishing with mosaic sculpture in the environment. There is also a special section on pebble mosaic featuring the stunning work of Maggy Howarth.

Design Source Book: Mosaics gives inspirational ‘signposts’ from the professionals. Whilst essentially every artist learns from his or her own mistakes, it is also possible to learn by studying ones contemporaries. What makes this piece work? How did he get away with that! It is not only beginners that can sometimes get the artist’s equivalent of ‘writer’s block’, even the most experienced artist will often feel stuck in a rut or simply be stuck for a new idea.

With its diverse subject matter and styles, Design Source Book: Mosaics cannot fail to rekindle flagging imagination. By showing the same subject tackled in different ways, Design Source Book: Mosaics offers great stimulus for anyone trying to source their next mosaic. So a section such as ‘Birds’ contains highly realistically executed birds (e.g: Marjorie Knowles), naively executed birds (e.g: Nicola Haselhurst), allegorical birds (e.g: Elaine Goodwin), and humorous birds (e.g: Jeni Stewart-Smith.). An individual artist’s ‘Style’ is something that develops naturally over the years. As a portfolio of work is built up, certain individual traits begin to emerge. Eventually the keen eye will be able to spot a ‘typical Cleo Mussi’ for example. By showing a body of work by established artists such as Emma Biggs, Elaine Goodwin, Tessa Hunkin, Jane Muir, and Rosalind Wates, to name but a few, recognisable ‘personal styles’ soon become apparent. This is of great interest and benefit to the non professional, struggling to make his or her voice heard above the throng of the mediocre.

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