New Directions in Mosaic

Jane Muir's latest video - New Directions in Mosaic - is not a how-to-make-a-mosaic film; instead it examines the whole process of designing a mosaic, specifically one entitled Running Tide, a study of water and rocks.

Accordingly about half the 60-minute video is taken up with Jane Muir drawing rocks and painting water, which is particularly valuable for those potential mosaicists for whom these activities are virgin territory. But then it's valuable for all and any to watch and listen to an artist caught in the act of creating a work of art.

After the preparatory studies Jane Muir shows us the cartoon for the mosaic and the tesserae she intends to use; and then, while she makes the mosaic, we meet some fellow artists.

Elaine M. Goodwin (President of the British Association for Modern Mosaic), and Emma Biggs (founder of the Mosaic Workshop studio in London) show examples of their work and discuss their approach to design, and Oliver Budd discusses mosaics created by his students at the Chelsea College of Art & Design in London.

Back to Jane Muir - and Running Tide is revealed complete.

New Directions in Mosaic is available from Vidian at in VHS or NTSC formats

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