Through the Labyrinth

Revised and updated English edition of the classic work on Labyrinths first published in German in 1982. A superb and exhaustive study of labyrinths around the world including many mosaic examples as well as other materials. This is an incredible work of research, organised with as much precision as the original labyrinths!

Laybrinths and mazes are found all over the world and have been a source of wonder throughout history.

This work explores the many aspects of labyrinths from their architectural, astrological and mythological significance to their iconographical , mathematical and artistic fascination. It is an introduction to such different labyrinth forms as rock engravings on Trojan castles, medieval manuscripts, church labyrinths and Baroque garden mazes.

He traces the origins, developments and changing meanings of this mystic form from the Bronze Age to the present day. The labyrinth's dominant position in Western civilization is supplemented by explorations in other cultures around the globe, including those of Egypt, India and North America.

By taking a close look through the centuries at different cultures and across the continents, the cultural and historical significance of the maze takes on a new light.

From the Publisher

History Today comments
'Hermann Kern's remarkable study makes clear, mazes and labyrinths are among the most ancient and pervasive of architectural forms...the attraction of the labyrinth is as powerful after 5,000 years as it has ever been.'

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