Micromosaics: The Gilbert Collection (The Gilbert Collection)

The art of mosaics is of ancient origin, enjoying its first great period during the Roman Empire and its second in 18th- and 19th-century Rome. Affluent tourists provided the ideal market for views of Rome and images from ancient history and mythology, painstakingly worked in tesserae - a technique known as "micromosaics".

The range of objects was enormous - from jewellery and snuffboxes to large pictures and tabletops. All of these forms and subjects are represented in the Gilbert Collection.

This volume examines the collection through colour illustrations and detailed descriptions and commentaries.

Research into the workshops and business practices of two significant Roman mosaicists derived from the archives of the Vatican Mosaic workshops is detailed in an essay by Massimo Alfieri, while Judy Rudoe explores the techniques and materials of small-scale Roman micromosaic objects.

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