Making Mosaics - designs, techniques and projects

Piece by piece, step by step, discover how easy it is to create colourful, carefully crafted mosaics.

Although appearing to be an art form of great skill and expensive tools, making your own mosaics can be simple and inexpensive, and with some practice and patience and this book , easily mastered.

To make sure of great results this book starts with the needed resources as well as some useful hints and tips on the best materials to use. Bright colourful photographs highlite the projects and ample instructions provide an overview of the four essential techniques - pique assiette, direct, indirect and three dimensional application.

Once learned a series of 12 projects are available at the back of the book. These range from birdhouses to planters and plaques.

Well worth adding to your mosaic book library

Price: $24.95 USA, $34.95 CAN

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