Garden Patterns & Mosaics

Pattern and texture is one of the most important design elements in any good landscape. In paved surfaces, on fences and walls, and in garden ornaments and accents, pattern and texture creates visual interest and adds a feeling of depth and dimension in the landscape. Depending on the type of design and the nature of the materials used, a pattern can be soothing and restful, or dramatic and eye-catching.

This book is a comprehensive do-it-yourself guide to the use of pattern and mosaic in the garden. It includes more than 20 stylish projects, making use of a variety of materials, from traditional polished stone to broken glass. A variety of pathway and paving projects are included, but readers will also learn how to create mosaic treatments on planters, furniture and other garden accents. Garden Patterns & Mosaics includes an opening introduction to the principles of using pattern in garden design, and a summary of the tools and techniques required.

Price: $16.95

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