The short article below was sent to us by Jennifer Loy who helped the pupils of St.Finbar's Primary School to realise this fascinating project.


"The idea of the mosaic developed from St. Finbar's Primary School in Sans Souci, Sydney, being keen to mark their Jubilee celebrations in a permanent way.

The design is based on the idea of the relationship between an individual and the school community, providing a direction for life in the wider community. The school has 220 pupils and the mosaic is situated in the playground.

At the centre of the mosaic is a small, glass pebble, which is set into the jubilee symbol, hand cut from sheet glass. Each child made a fish from vitreous glass and they were all set into a ceramic background. Each fish had an eye made from a single glass bead to echo the central feature. The jubilee themes radiate out from the centre.

The photographs show the children of St. Finbar's during a week long workshop at the school.

The mosaic was an interesting project on several levels, not least of which was the enthusiasm of all the children, including the boys, to take a creative part in the workshop. The practical aspects of the medium enabled them to feel comfortable with the artistic side of the work.

It was a very enjoyable project to be involved with. The children love the idea that the mosaic will be permanent and are justifiably proud of their achievement."

It appears that this project was a family affair, as Jennifers mum was available to keep the children in order. She even learnt a few things herself and was confidently cutting tiles herself by the end of the week.


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