Mosaic Matters came into being as a twice-yearly newsletter, edited by Paul Bentley; the first issue appeared in the summer of 1991. The intention was to keep British mosaicists informed and up-to-date about the world of mosaics, both here in Britain and abroad. For eight years it did just that: readers included mosaic artists (professional and amateur, at home and abroad), the press, selected art colleges and galleries and other interested bodies.

The newsletter covered a wide range of subjects dealing with mosaic, such as techniques and materials, exhibitions, workshops and reviews of books. There were also news items, interviews with leading mosaic artists, and technical tips.

The Mosaic Matters website came into being in 1996 when Paul Bentley showed his computer buff neighbour Andy Mitchell a copy of the newsletter and he told Paul it would translate well onto the web.

The Mosaic Matters website has much the same content as the newsletter as far as workshops, exhibitions and reviews go, but of course it is in colour, is constantly updated, and allows visitors with a particular query or problem to ask for help - and generally they get it, swiftly.

So successful has the site been that the newsletter could not seriously compete, and so Summer 1999 (No.17) was the last issue. But the website goes from strength to strength.

We hope you will enjoy the Mosaic Matters site and find the many items and articles interesting, and if you are not already a mosaicist maybe you will be encouraged to 'have a go' at the fascinating, ancient and modern, art of mosaic.

PRIVACY - Mosaic Matters does not have membership, and does not send out newsletters or marketing and publicity material. It is a website service designed to help and inform anyone, professional or amateur, involved in mosaic. If however you are listed on this website and wish your details to be removed please email the Editor at





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